Sunday, May 6, 2012

Current jobs

We've always got a couple of jobs on the go at once, but the biggest job we have at the moment is a total renovation of an an villa in front of the town houses we built. 

We've really had to cut out all the pies and McDonalds so we can fit in because the villa is only 36cm at one end and 39cm at the other, away from the house next door (they aren't typos!).  We've taken off the bottom framing (the old framing a 4.7cm bow in it) and put new rab board (what goes under the cladding) then new corrugated iron cladding on that.

Inside we've taken off rotten floor boards, framed up the house, relined, framed up windows, replaced weather boards - pretty much everything!


 Jacking up the floor

 Ben removing floor boards

We even built a cute picket fence!

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