Thursday, August 1, 2013

Websites and social media we love

We love using the internet and social media for building inspiration.  Social media is also such a great way to keep track of what we find and these all have apps for your smart phone too.  Here's our favourites:

Dwell is an American architecture and design magazine and feature architecture and design from around the world.  Their own social media is also fantastic - you can find all their links on their website by clicking here.

Pinterest is our favourite site for keeping things we love in one place.  You can find our page here.

Houzz is my favourite and has great ideas for renovating, building and design.  You can choose to search by room or style.  They are also really active on their own social media.  They have so many fantastic photos that you can easily spend hours at a time looking at them.

Design Milk
Design Milk is fantastic for architecture, art, home and interiors.  Again, they're active on social media and also tweet really great photos that provide so much inspiration. 

Twitter and facebook
We love twitter and facebook for keeping in touch with people and for keeping up to date with the sites we follow, like the ones above.  You can find us on twitter here and facebook here.

Are there any others you like that we need to start following too?